Fight These Unintentional Causes of Weight Gain with Tejocote Root Supplement

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Uncontrolled weight gain is one of the painstaking health aspects in many people’s lives!  It is furthermore frustrating when you do not know the actual reason behind your consistently gaining weight. And, when the reason is unknown to you, it is far more difficult to find an appropriate remedy.  However, diet plays a crucial role in weight management and therefore, an authentic dietary supplement like Tejocote root supplement can be effective in preventing your uncontrolled weight gain.

There are many unintentional causes of weight gain that we do not know about. That’s why many of us fail to keep control of our gaining weight.  If you are overweight and do not know what is the cause behind it, take a look at this list of hidden causes of weight gain. Thankfully, whatever is the cause of your weight gain, the Tejocote root supplement can prevent it.

5 Hidden Causes of Weight Gain that Tejocote Root Supplement Can Address

#1 Your diet contains too much sugar

You might haven’t realized it, but your meals or daily diet comprises a considerable number of sugary items such as sweetened tea or coffee, fruit juices, soda drinks, iced tea, ice-creams, cookies, cakes, and confectionery items.

Uncontrolled sugar intake is not only a cause of diabetes but also weight gain. It can even lead to other chronic diseases such as heart diseases, higher blood pressure, stroke, and inflammation.

Clinical researches on obese children and teenagers have further proved that higher sugar is a key cause of weight gain. Children who are addicted to cakes, soft drinks, ice-creams tend to gain more weight than normal children.

#2 There are too many processed foods in your diet

You may have included certain highly processed foods in your regular diet such as ready-to-eat cereals, microwave dinners, that are causing you to gain weight. They are mostly labeled as healthy items containing a high amount of nutrients including protein. But the truth is that they contain added sugars, artificial preservatives, carbohydrates, and fats.

However, if consuming processed foods are quite a necessity owing to the hectic schedule, choose only minimally processed items oats, yogurt, cottage cheese, or cheese.

#3 You are living a sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major contributors to weight gain but most fail to realize that. With COVID-19 and work-from-home situations, this has become a more obvious reason for weight gain in many people. Continuous working at a desk, lying down and watching television, driving, reading books, and using a computer, all day long- are all parts of a sedentary lifestyle.

So, if anyone or more of these are causing you to gain weight unknowingly, there’re easy to prevent. Take some time out of your daily sedentary life schedule to do some exercises. If your work demands you to sit at a desk at a stretch for long hours, then make a habit of taking a walk around your nearby park in the night after dinner. You can also attend meetings over the phone while walking around the room. The motto is to sit less and keep your body physically active.

Tejocote Root supplement

Other small changes you can make in your day to break the sedentary schedule are exercising, riding a cycle or bike to work, and walking to markets or shops.   

#4 You have a habit to work late at night

Can you ever imagine that staying up late every day for work or any other reason can be the cause of your unwanted weight gain? Health researchers have proved it! They found out that anyone who maintains healthy sleep regularly and for at least 8 hours is likely to have a slimmer and fitter body. Sleeping for barely 3 4 hours in a day result in gradual weight gain.

Sleep deprivation results in imbalance or less secretion of the leptin hormone, which regulates body weight. When leptin is less than ghrelin in the body, it results in weight gain. Also, slower metabolism due to sleep deprivation further fuels weight gain!

While oversleeping can also be bad for your health, you should try to optimize your sleep hours. On average, 6 to 8 hours of sleep is ideal for an adult.

#5 Skipping meals is quite a habit

In concern of your unnecessary weight gain, you might be skipping meals frequently. You think that is going to help you lose off some weight. Unfortunately, you are wrong! Skipping meals can do the opposite and raise your chances of weight gain.  

Skipping of meals results in slowing down of the metabolism. Therefore, it will boost your hunger. The next time when you eat, you are extremely hungry and end up overeating!

Last Word on Tejocote Root Supplement

Not only overeating is the cause of obesity! There are many conscious individuals or health freaks who suddenly start gaining weight despite having a properly regulated diet. They fail to comprehend that they are many unintentional causes of weight gain and therefore, they find it difficult to control their body weight. We have here mentioned many of the unintended causes of weight gain. A few good habits such as a mindful diet without skipping meals, physical exercises, and good sleep can help you prevent gaining weight.

Besides that, consuming our safe, herbal dietary supplement, Tejocote root will make sure your metabolism is higher, you have enough nutrients and your body is losing weight gradually! So, do not forget to grab your pack of the supplement from the Eva Nutrition online store.